Lift seat rental without a harness

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Lifts are elevation systems to help transfer people with reduced mobility.

Necessary for patients due to their condition, or those requiring assistance with transfers that entail a significant effort on the part or family and caregivers.

Useful both for patients, increasing their safety and avoiding falls and improving quality of life, and for family and caregivers due to the reduced physical effort required, avoiding injuries particularly to the back.

If you need a lift but don’t want to buy one, we offer a hire purchase option. For hygiene reasons, lifts are provided without a harness.


Lift seat rental without a harness
Rentak€120 (1-10 days)
€200 (11-20 days)
€250 (21-31 days)
Deposit€300 (returned at the end of the rental once checked for defects)
CarriageHome delivery €80 and collection €80
PurchasePurchase option after 3 months


  • You can visit our shop and collect it directly (see rates).
  • You can call us and arrange home delivery, which has an additional cost of €80 for delivery and €80 for collection (see rates).

Their ease of use and the ability to raise heavy individuals without requiring additional assistance, make lift rental a viable long term rental option.


  • You can visit our shop and collect it directly (see rates).
  • You can call us and arrange home delivery (see rates).

It is important that you inform us of the user’s weight, height and width to provide the correct size wheelchair.

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Further information

Should you require further information about our services or would like to arrange a rental, please contact us at:

Telephone 928 506 889



The lift we have for hire at Ortopedia Lanzarote is a light, latest generation unit, made of aluminium to assist family members and caregivers, making it very light and manoeuvrable, even in confined spaces.

Passes through the smallest of doors and rotates in confined spaces.

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us at 928 506 889 and we will advise you in person.