Electric wheelchair rental

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At Ortopedia Lanzarote we can provide fixed and folding electric wheelchairs for hire, with removable footrests and armrests (to facilitate transfers).


CharacteristicsExplorer (folding)Meyra (compact)
Weight (Kg)33 (with battery)81
User weight (Kg)150130
Speed (kph)66 – 10
Width (cm)6958
Seat width (cm)4643
Length with footrest (cm)105110
Turning radius (cm)84
Step and curb height (cm)Less than 36


When folding the Explorer electric wheelchair, there is no need to remove the batteries.

If you need an electric wheelchair but don’t want to buy one, we offer a hire purchase option:


Electric wheelchair rental
Rental€140 (1-10 days)
€240 (11-20 days)
€310 (21-31 days)
Deposit€310 (returned at the end of the rental once checked for defects)
CarriageHome delivery €80 and collection €80
PurchasePurchase option after 6 months



  • You can visit our shop and collect it directly (see rates).
  • You can call us and arrange home delivery (see rates).

It is important that you inform us of the user’s weight, height and width to provide the correct size wheelchair.

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Further information

Should you require further information about our services or would like to arrange a rental, please contact us at:


Telephone 928 506 889



Very important:

When renting an electric wheelchair it is very important that you establish the minimum lift and door width in your home (in bathrooms, the width tends to be smaller than in other rooms).

Wheelchair length dimensions are also very important. When rotating in corridors or entering lifts.

It may be necessary to remove the footrests.

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us at 928 506 889 and we will advise you in person.